RBI, Maintenance & Reliability

BeamsConsult assists organisations to implement  cost effective and adequate  maintenance and inspection techniques, to improve the  integrity and  safety of  their  facilities in order to comply with the  applicable standards  and  regulations,   minimize efforts and cost, and  shift from a reactive to a proactive maintenance regime,
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The benefits of RBI include:

  • To provide a holistic, interdependent approach for managing risk
  • Identification of equipment operational risks through identification of their failure mechanisms.
  • To apply a strategy of doing what is needed for safeguarding integrity and improving reliability and availability of the asset by planning and executing those inspections that are needed
  • To reduce inspections and shutdowns and increase plant availability without compromising safety or reliability
  • To safeguard integrity and reduce the risk of failures
  • To provide a dynamic system that continuously improves and adapts to changing risks
  • To ensure inspection techniques and methods consider potential failure modes
  • To reduce inspections for low risk items allowing costs to be optimised more appropriately to high risk items

Who It's For

Any public or private organization seeking to implement an effective Risk based Inspection Framework and adequate Maintenance system to produce an auditable system, to implement a complying “operating model”, and to implement a risk management tool.

What You Get

A comprehensive RBI & Maintenance framework tailored to your facilities covering :

  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Assessments
  • Integrity Assessments
  • Asset Integrity Management Service
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Reliability & Maintenance framework
  • Design Reviews