Operational, Turnaround & Project Assurance

Being effective is doing the right things, being efficient is about doing things right, Assurance is knowing and doing upfront what is exactly required to make it 100% sure that what we are doing is the right thing and that will produce the right results.

We support your organization used integrated qualitative & quantitative processes through specific tools and comprehensive approach to deep dive into your processes, turnaround or project, working closely with all levels of your teams to define a detailed assurance framework and readiness review protocols toward achieving objectives. The process starts with a gap analysis phase where we’ll assess your processes compliances or project development phases in depth so we can make highly informed, intelligent judgement on your compliance and readiness. And we can help you with effective assurance overview.
Operation assurance can be implemented at any phase of a project–upfront or anywhere in between the start and finish line. We support you to make sure a project is on track or a process is complaint, on budget, and prepared to succeed. We engage proactively to make sure that potential issues or raising challenges won’t obstruct reaching your target.

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Our experience, collaborative approach, agile model have the ability to effectively support your organization deliver outstanding and successful operation, turnaround and project performances.
We cover :

  • Operational Assurance
  • Turnaround & Project Assurance
  • Turnaround Management
  • Turnaround Assurance Plan
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Readiness to Operate
  • Turnaround Management &Turnaround Assurance Plan

We Develop and integrated plan with your teams; in association with the required experts and specialists with the aim to effectively deliver your project, turnaround objectives on budget and time.

Who It's For

Any public or private organization aiming to implement an effective Operational Assurance Framework for a global a specific or project.

What You Get

A detailed assurance framework based on specific gap assessment covering:

  • Project delivery assurance at any project development phase
  • Turnaround Readiness assessment & Reviews
  • Operational Readiness Assessment.

A detailed Plan to mitigate and address the assessment findings.
A Tailored support to drive reaching the organization objectives.