Joint ventures Framework

A comprehensive and adequate Joint Venture Framework is essential for a successful business partnership. At BeamsConsult we have the expertise to build wide-ranging joint venture framework with the aim to deliver sustainable business partnership platform. Joint ventures are adequate option when two or more entities want to engage together and share their strengths, synergies and capabilities in certain geographical areas or business functions, while conserving their own identity.
Our professionals are adept at helping business owners design, define, build and implement JVs Framework with clear business strategy and partnership to create clear benefits for the joint venture participants.

We have the knowledge and the capabilities to build JVs Framework and maximizing your results from the joint venture process, we cover :

  • Joint Venture Strategy Development
  • JV Operation Model
  • Joint Venture Framework
  • JV Operation Management
  • Joint Venture Allocation (covering oil&gas, energy and various industries and services)

Who It's For

Any public or private organization preparing or engaged in a joint venture process and seeking to implement an JV framework.

What You Get

A detailed JV framework designed for your organization specific case.
A cooperative support from the start to the full implementation of the JV framework.
A continuous support to adapt the JV live changes and development.
JV Framework Assessment to provide your organization with updated report on the performance and status of the JV intent and possible improvements.