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Operation Management Systems (OMS)

We Define, Build & Implement Effective & Resilient Operation Management Systems.
Using our operational expertise, focusing on effectiveness, creativity, and resilience, powered by digital technologies and business development proficiency, we support our clients create, re-define and Implement the Adequate Operation Management System that produces the Value intent.

Full Description

BeamsConsult specializes in the design and implementation of Operations Management Systems specifically customized to our client’s business activities.
BeamsConsult delivers an end-to-end solutions for an Operations Management System, based on our Client business environment and business objectives, in compliance with
management system regulations and standards such as ISO Management System standards and others industry or services standards. BeamsConsult provides services for:

  • Initial gap assessments and leadership awareness sessions
  • Mapping regulatory requirements and standards to the management system
  • Design of management system requirements, processesand roles and responsibilities.
  • Formally document the OMS
  • Support Certification readiness
  •  Company-wide implementation, training, assessment, and continuous improvement

Why Implement an Operations Management System?
Implementing an Operations Management System will help you delivering your business objectives, mitigate risks, manage compliance and improve safety and produce sustainable performances.
An Operations Management System is an integrated set of obligations, responsibilities and business processes that will continuously improve performance and help you achieve your goals by effectively covering:

  • Operational Processes
  • Operational performance
  • Organization collaboration
  • Stakeholder management
  • Incident prevention
  • Enhanced safety culture
  • Risk identification and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sustainable growth and development
Who It's For

Any public or private organization seeking to build new Operation Management System or transform and existing operational process with the aim to improve, integrate technology, digital and comply with the latest operational standard.

What You Get

A tailored Operation Management system for your organization, set to the latest best in place OMS.
We cover a wide business range and we have the capability to bring the right experts to respond to your business model and objectives.


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